JD Roofing Specialists can remove old timber based fascias, soffits and plastic guttering and install new roofline products, these uPVC replacements are durable, strong and protect your property against the elements. Upvc products are non-porous and resistant to insect infestation.


If you want to protect your roof and property from the elements then the installation of ridge & dry verge will dramatically improve the resilience of your roof.  Dry verge is securely fixes ridge tiles onto a roof, protecting from up lift wind & rain penetration.  Dry verge systems are more aesthetically pleasing on the eye and are more stylish than wood based materials.  One of the advantages of dry verge is that you do not require mortar, over time with the elements mortar begins to fall off and crack leaving your roof exposed to the rain and possible leaks.

Dry Verge Systems

Dry Ridge Systems


For most people, the Fascia boards are perhaps the most visible part of any roofline but they are also integral in the protection and support of your roof. The fascia is fixed directly to the roof trusses and supports the bottom row of tiles as well as carrying the guttering. At JD Roofing Specialists we offer 18mm – 20mm solid boards which are BAA certified and can come fully, or partially vented. In desirable colours of rosewood, black, white or oak our Fascia will not only protect your roof against the elements but will do so with seamless style. With professional installation and a 10 year guarantee, Contemporary Roofline promises customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

Are you looking for new or replacement Fascia? Would your property benefit from new soffit and guttering installation? JD Roofing Specialists in Wingate can remove old timber-based Fascia boards, soffits and plastic guttering and install new roofline products. Our uPVC replacements are durable, strong, non-porous and resistant to insect infestation. 

With a 10 year guarantee, competitive prices and professional installation we will protect your house or property from the harsh North Eastern elements. We guarantee quality and peace of mind so call us today for a free quote. 


At JD Roofing Specialists we are often asked “What are soffits and why do I need them?”  Well, soffits are essentially the parts of your roofline which covers the eaves of your roof and, without them, your rafter beams would be fully exposed. Soffits not only serve an aesthetic purpose but they also protect your rafters from the elements, preventing the build-up of mould and protecting your roof beams from rot. At JD Roofing Specialists, we offer vented or partially vented soffits which will create a continuously ventilated air path and allow your property to breathe.
We offer soffits in stylish colours of rosewood, black, white and oak and, with a 10 year guarantee, your roofline will remain attractive and fully protected. All our products meet Building Regulations requirements.